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wiped out

By Tara Zandra | November 7, 2008

Yesterday I dusted the side table in the bedroom as well as the clock on the side table. It became apparent at 6:00am this morning that when I dusted the clock, I slid the button from “radio” to “buzzer” so it was quite the jolting wake-up call. That’s not even my alarm time, it’s Chris’s, but it woke me so much that I got up anyway. I liked being ready for the day so much earlier than usual, but I must say I’m dragging a lot now.

We started the day with book club for Tabitha and then straight to park after it ended. Daisy’s was having such a good time with her friend that she talked me into staying an extra half hour. So we were late getting home for lunch and had just shy of 2 hours before we headed out again to gymnastics for Tabitha. I’m really liking her new coach and Tabitha likes him too. I’ll be interested in seeing how she progresses. Daisy was not happy for just about the entire time we were there. Not sure what to do about that situation.

After gymnastics it was home where I cooked a lovely dinner. Chris is on the late schedule for now and gets home too late for us to all eat together. So on Friday we hold dinner until he gets home and make a point of eating together Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s not ideal, but 3 days is better than none. It’s temporary so we can make it work. Since we hold dinner until 7:00pm, we let the kids each stay up an extra half hour so they get good Daddy time in. It’s a nice way to start the weekend.

And speaking of which, no big plans for us this weekend. Staying close to home for the most part- we’ll see what we come up with.

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