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Look! No pictures in this post.

By Tara Zandra | November 3, 2008

I just finished filling out my sample ballot so now I’m all ready for tomorrow. I don’t know why I leave it to the night before, there is so much to read that I really should start a couple weeks ahead of time. Just one issue a night would be much easier than 14 issues and 5 judges in one night. Well, two of the issues I didn’t need to read so that helped. Chris is finishing up right now and then we’ll probably watch a bit of tv, but I’m ready for bed owing to the time change and all.

Yesterday we braved the rain and went to Disneyland. Honestly the rain wasn’t that bad, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone. But they recently opened Pixie Hollow where you can meet Tinkerbell and some of her fairy friends and the girls had been hankering to go. Truth be told, I was too :) We went to Pixie Hollow first thing and those fairies are just adorable. Tink, especially, was so impish looking. And Tabitha was taller than her! That cracked me up.

Daisy rode Space Mountain for the first time. She was unsure whether she liked it or not- I think it will be a few months before she goes on again. She’s real big into conquering her fears though so I’m sure she’ll be back on sooner rather than later. Next we need to take her on Splash Mountain, that one we know she’ll love. Thunder Mountain was ridden for the first time on our last visit and she loved it. Did a happy dance at the end and begged to go again. Cried after the second ride through because we said no to a third :)

Today Tabitha mainly worked on Girl Scout stuff. She’s working on two badges and one award and really accomplished a lot today. She’ll finish up tomorrow and be done for the week. Daisy played by herself for a good portion of the day, but after lunch she got her needed time with her sister. The two played crazy imagination games before we headed out to dance classes for them both.

Sorry folks, I’m too tired to be more interesting. Maybe I should post more pictures, lol.

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