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Can you say “sporadic?”

By Tara Zandra | October 19, 2008

This month I’ve sewn Daisy’s candy corn dress with matching pants. I’ve also sewn Tabitha a skirt with bats and appliqued a bat onto a purple shirt. I’ve done a couple crafts, a stuffed candy corn for Daisy (she really loves candy corn) and some stuffed pumpkins. Today is our annual visit to the pumpkin patch so I’ll have pics of the girls in their outfits later.


Yesterday was American Girl Book Club meeting. We were focusing on Addy who is an escaped slave in 1864. Due to the subject I did things a little different at the meeting. Usually I have discussion questions written down and we talk about toys and fashion and such. But that didn’t feel quite right in this instance. I decided to just see where the conversation would go and didn’t prepare any questions at all. I simply opened with “Tell me how you felt reading these books” and we went from there. I think it went really well. We did do a craft though, as usual. In one of the books, Addy’s church is raising money to help escaped slaves and the children’s class makes and sells spool puppets and Addy and her friend put on little shows to get people to buy the puppets. Well that could not be a more perfect activity for our group! There was one small illustration in the book so Chris and I worked together with that pic and figured out how to do the puppets. At the meeting, the girls had the option of doing a person or an animal. Thankfully another mom stayed because it turns out kids are really bad at tying knots. I think I’d still be sitting there with those girls if I had to do it by myself! (Thanks again, V!) After they decorated their puppets, I paired them off by having them draw straws and each pair came up with a little skit to perform for all of us. After that was a bit of free time which really meant more puppet playing. I’d say they were quite the hit! Below is a pic of Tabitha practicing with her partner (not shown) so you can see the two puppets offered.


Going back to Friday night, Michaels was having a great sale on wall decorations that I’d been considering getting for the girls’ room so I went ahead and bought them. They are essentially vinyl stickers called Hip in a Hurry. I would link to the site, but it’s fairly useless. I’ll take pics of them later today as Tabitha is still asleep right now. Anyway, they weren’t as easy as the package proclaims (is anything ever?) but I think the flowers look cute in the room.

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