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The Weezer

By Tara Zandra | October 15, 2008

My house is warm due to 90-degree temps today, but I don’t really want to turn on the A/C- I’m kinda over needing to do that. But, the warmth is making me sluggish so my to-do list isn’t getting done. I think I’ll have to break down and run the A/C afterall. Until then, I’ll blog :)

Last night the hubby and I went to see Weezer in concert. That’s a little band from the mid-nineties that I loved. Then they went on a hiatus and their albums were far apart and that was that. Then Chris decided a couple years ago that he really liked them and has listened to them a lot in that time. The song “Beverly Hills” was, of course, a favorite, family, sing-along song, but other than that I didn’t really listen to them. A few months ago tickets went on sale for Weezer and I decided to get a pair for Chris.

For Chris, I said.

Well, let me tell you- they opened the show with “My Name is Jonas” and the third song was “Say it Ain’t So” which are songs from the time I listened to them. They pulled me back in very quickly.

So to sum up- we had a good time at the show :)

And moving topics completely let’s talk about gymnastics. Yesterday Tabitha had her second day of testing and her coach passed her from Beginner II into Intermediate I. It came as a complete surprise to us because Tabitha cannot do a pull-over which is needed to pass. But since she absolutely has every other single skill down just fine, she was passed anyway. We weren’t sure what to think at first but now that we’ve had a full day to think about it, we’re both really excited for her. I’m still getting her a couple private lessons though to take care of that last skill though.

So now Miss Daisy. See, Daisy’s class, and all 5 and under classes, take place in a separate building that has different equipment since it’s for the toddler through preschool set. The main gym is a typical gymnastics facility. So today I got a call from the gym and a new class had been created over at the main gym. And they’d like to move Daisy to this class. I asked if they were sure, what with her only being 3 and all, and yes, they are sure. Her coach specifically requested to have Daisy in that class. Daisy was thrilled when I asked her if she wanted to move to the big gym. So my strong girl will be on regular gymnastics equipment. Should be something to see.

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