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By Tara Zandra | June 23, 2006

So last night one of the layouts I did was when Tabitha received her violin. The pictures are not of her actual violin because at her very first lesson her instructor told us she needed the next size up and the pictures were taken the night before. We went to exchange it and it actually turned into a giant pain in the ass that left us all extremely frustrated but in the end she got the correct size. This was the last week of March and she’s been using her violin this whole time.

Today she gets a new teacher (and really, that’s a whole ‘nother vent!) and at the end of class he asks me about why she has this size violin and he can’t believe her previous teacher said to exchange the first one. He shows me why he feels she needs the smaller size but says since we can’t exchange it not to worry as she’ll eventually grow into it.

So I get home and jump on the handy dandy notebook internet to read how to measure for the correct violin size. I follow the instructions and sure enough, she’s nowhere near ready for the size of violin she’s been playing on! Not to mention, by just going on an age chart, the size she has is for 10-12 year olds! What the hell? I don’t want her to continue playing on a too-big violin that she’ll grow into in a few years. I think it’s very important that she learn on the correct size instrument for so many reasons.

*sigh* Now I have to find a way to purchase her another violin. It’s not like I want to sell the one she has to help pay for it because she will, in fact, grow into it. Eventually.

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