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By Tara Zandra | June 23, 2006

Yesterday I got three scrapbook layouts done, one single page and two doubles. Go me! LOL Now, if I do that many every day for the next two years, well, I still won’t be caught up. But I left my craft table open hoping I get another layout in today as well. It’s tricky fitting it in because I rarely feel like working on layouts during Daisy’s morning nap, but when she’s awake she does not like me to sit at that table, I think because I won’t let her sit on my lap. I even brought in a big chair just for her but she just kept saying no and ’sit mama.’

Speaking of “no,” that’s her new thing. She went through three days of saying no to absolutely everything no matter what it was. I guess she was enjoying having a say-so in her life. Yesterday she finally said yes to a couple things so hopefully she’ll start using her answers less willy-nilly and more on target with what she actually means and wants.

This and that from this week that I don’t think I’ve mentioned; Tabitha had a friend over on Wednesday, it was different because her friend was dropped off so I played with Daisy and only saw the girls when they came looking for cookies; peanut butter chocolate cookie bars made the night before, dry, as peanut butter cookies tend to be, but good; I pay-per-viewed “Rumor Has It” this week. Not a bad movie, wouldn’t have even minded seeing it in the theatre; We attempted a movie Wednesday morning for the free movie thing. It was “Racing Stripes” which I thought was animated. It’s not. One of them thar feel good kid movies in the vein of “Babe” and “Free Willy” neither of which have I seen because I don’t like that type of movie. Yeah, Daisy got over all the animals on the screen and lasted 45 minutes so we left. Now we have to borrow it so Tabitha can see how it ends (I’m guessing the zebra wins, that’s how they always go). Next week is “Shrek 2,” I think we’ll try again. By the end of this summer, we’ll have seen the first half of every kids’ movie out there :heh: The best thing was they put the day camps in a separate theatre, yay!; Enough, I’m tired of using the semi-colon inappropriately.

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One Response to “scrappin’”

  1. JennAnne Says:
    June 24th, 2006 at 9:39 pm

    I have “stripes” you are welcome to borrow it so Tab’s can see the ending. :o )

    And thanks again to Tabitha for joining us today, I hope she enjoyed as much as I think she did.