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Last weekend of summer

By Tara Zandra | August 31, 2008

I know it’s not really and in all previous years I’ve refused to trea it like the end of summer. But then I wait until fall really starts to plan anything fall-ish and I find myself trying to cram everything in before it’s Halloween time. So, end of summer it is :)

Like most of American we’re not going anywhere this weekend, but then, we honestly have never gone out of town for a three day weekend ever so it’s not unusual. Actually, this is only the second year we’ve even had three day weekends because always worked in retail in one way or another. Even though he hasn’t been a salesman for eons, when he was a supervisor at the good guys delivery center, they were more busy during holiday weekends because of all the people taking advantage of the sales. So extra days off are still new and exciting to us. And how to take advantage of them? By not doing anything, lol.

Yesterday afternoon Chris took the girls to his parents for a few hours. The plan was for me to work on the next American Girl book club meeting. But I had been fighting a heck of a headache all day and wasn’t in a good mood at all. I tried to plan and did get some work done but not nearly enough. I’ll have to find a couple hours this week to do it all and I’m not sure how I’m going to do that. I know the activities I plan to do so for that it’s just a matter of making a shopping list. And I’ve read the book twice and read my auxillary resource and wrote up a couple of ideas, mainly I just need to write out discussion questions and then write my outline for how the meeting is to run. Not a lot of work, but trying to get it done while two kids either want my attention or are playing their always-loud make believe games will be the hard part. So I didn’t get that much done and then Chris came home to pick me up for dinner at his parents’. It was a pleasant eveing though I still wasn’t in the best mood because my head ache came back at some point. Thankfully that was near the time to go anyway so I don’t think I was bad company.

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