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By Tara Zandra | August 28, 2008

Today the girls and I went up to the local mountains to meet some of our friends from Park Day. We all climbed upstream through a small river and then filled a large bag with all the trash we found. Then one of the parents sat the kids down and talked to them about respecting nature and not leaving trash. One item found was a used candle so there was also talk about preventing forest fires.

After that the kids splashed and played around in the water while the adults and the two little ones (including Daisy) sat on rocks watching. On the way up, some of the parents followed along the bank of the river, but I had to climb through the whole thing because of Daisy and let me tell you, I have never felt water so cold in my life. After a while it stopped feeling cold due to the whole numbness of the feet thing. Eventually feeling returned to my feet and it simply felt nice but those first 10 minutes were quite something to get through.

Daisy is most definitely not her sister. Daisy was very unsure climbing rocks and continually let out little whimpers because she was afraid she was going to fall. I tried talking to her and letting her know that the worst thing that would happen is she’d be wet but I did bring a change of clothes for her. She was glad I had more clothes, but that didn’t really raise her confidence in walking through the river. Not that she would get out, of course, but she is very big into facing her fears so that shouldn’t really surprise me. Tabitha, on the other hand, is the one I had to constantly call back and prevent her from going too far from the group. One day she’ll be a trail blazer, that one. Which is odd because she exhibits a lot fear in life, just not when it has anything to do with nature. Daisy is almost completely fearless- except when she’s put into nature. Just more support for my jokes about the kids being polar opposites.

After we were done playing in the water we went and had snacks at some picnic tables in the shade before heading to the visitor’s center. There was a small gift shop and so both kids got some rock candy since there really wasn’t anything there that was very momento-like. And then we headed home for a real lunch, quick play, and then off to gymnastics.

Really a wonderful day. We all had fun and neither kid could stop talking about it for hours.

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