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By Tara Zandra | August 27, 2008


In history today we read about Ashurbanipal and how the Assyrians attacked everybody even remotely near them. They created a rolling tower to help them breach city walls so tonight Tabitha and I built one out of Duplos. Then Tabi got the idea to build the little city being attacked so we had some fun with that.

The girls made jellyfish today to add to our ocean mural. We used an upside down paper bowl, one long length of crepe paper in the middle and then lots of strings attached to the rim of the bowl for the tentacles. Our mural is coming along nicely and I think we’ll be wrapping it up in the next two weeks. There’re two unit studies on the ocean I never even got to and I had hoped to plan a trip to Catalina Island to end it all, but that’s not really going to happen at this point. So I’ve decided since neither kid will age out of their respective literature unit study books next summer, we’ll just postpone for a year and do different things next time to keep it fresh. We’ve had a lot of fun so far, especially the week about pirates, and since they don’t know what their missing, well, they won’t exactly miss it. I am going to keep using the space for new murals. I think we’ll do two weeks on apples and then it will be October for Halloween fun.

Tabitha had a play date this morning so while she and R were holed up in Tabitha’s room, Daisy and I had some good time spent alone together. We played a couple games, painted a picture, prepared something for dinner, and did some activities from a Disney preschooler magazine. Such a pleasant way to spend the morning with my baby.

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