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It’s a good thing they aren’t in school

By Tara Zandra | August 15, 2008

If my kids were in school, I think we’d have a lot of late nights finishing up projects. We have to turn in Fair entries tomorrow and Chris and Tabi are still working on one project. When it’s done, Tabitha has to finish another project before she can go to bed. Daisy also just finished her two projects today. This was supposed to be the year I printed out the competition catalog as soon as it was released so the kids could work all summer; obviously that didn’t happen. I must do better next year so we can avoid this last minute rush.

Friends came over today- one for Tabitha and one for me. J is Tabitha’s Girl Scout leader so she and I talked scouts for most of the three and a half hours they were here. But we also got some nice visiting in so it was definitely a good time. Daisy didn’t take kindly to having no one for her so I let her watch Sesame Street and then play on the computer, but the rest of the time she was on my lap either whining or jumping in my face trying to make me laugh.

Once Chris was home we went to pick up my car that went to the mechanic’s last night. It was in such desperate need of an alignment that I also had to get two new tires because they were worn very badly- not to mention unevenly. While it was there we had them fix one of the doors that has not unlocked and opened since December. It was such a minor repair that we kept putting it off, but at the same time it was really annoying because if both Chris and I went in my car, the passenger had to climb over the driver’s seat to get to the other front seat. Chris suggested we just roll down the window and treat it like the General Lee, but I declined :)

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