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If I was the Army, I’d have a lot done by now

By Tara Zandra | August 15, 2008

Instead, I’ve been awake since 4 and have accomplished nothing.

Daisy woke me up as she’s been doing almost every night. And why does she wake me up? Because she’s sad it’s not morning and she feels the need to cry on my shoulder about that unfair fact. Then 45-minutes later, she needed water. Then I had to play tooth fairy for a Miss Tabitha (seriously, when do the teeth stop falling out?) and then I laid awake for another 45-minutes when Daisy came back into my room and basically told me she was ready to get up.


She started crying- again- and we ended up sitting on the couch with a cup of milk before I put her back to bed. At that point it was 5:55am and I just gave up and got out of bed. I only have 5 Diet Cokes in my fridge and no car so it might be a very long day indeed.

But aside from my “woe is me” above, yesterday was a good day because my cousin came over for a visit. We were rather close growing up but then I got married young and had kids and she went on to a very demanding career. But recently I was determined for us to reconnect and she happens to be pregnant and off work for awhile so we pinned down a time we could get together. Frankly, 2 hours wasn’t nearly long enough so we absolutely must get together again. But not soon because of the whole baby thing and if I recall correctly, newborns take up a lot of time. Anyway, I loved our visit and definitely look forward to seeing her again.

For lessons this week Daisy started her new reading books and seems to like them. She has thanked me for buying them so that’s a good sign. A couple days ago, she and Tabi made fish out of paper plates for the ocean mural. I think next we’ll do sea stars out of construction paper. I’m thinking I’ll let them paint those. Maybe they could do 2 each.

Tabitha and I moved on to the Phonecians in Ancient History. Ideally we could finish today and tomorrow since we’re taking all of next week off, but I don’t know that we can do all the activities in one day since some are rather involved, I believe. We’ll see.

And now Daisy is up for the day at only 6:30- should be an interesting day.

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