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I don’t like thinking of titles

By Tara Zandra | August 11, 2008

I didn’t start getting dressed today until 9:00am so I felt an hour behind all day long, which I guess, effectively, I was. But aside from that lost hour, we packed a lot in. After practicing her violin, Tabitha and I started off with spelling and math during which time Daisy played by herself. By the time Miss Tabitha finished her math it was time for lunch. She’s a bit slow at math having inherited Chris’s literary leanings as opposed to my math-ness. She understands all that she does, but she doesn’t particularly care for it and that kind of makes her pokey and easily distracted. After lunch I set the girls up to put the second layer on their ocean mural. All they did was sponge turquoise over the original blue. Now it has a greenish hue to it and really looks like water. They played together for a bit after that and then I pulled Daisy aside. I read some nursery rhymes to her and also a couple folk tales then she read one book to me. Next I got out an activity magazine I bought for her a couple weeks ago called Disney and Me. The first page is a quick 101 Dalmatians story and she happens to currently be into the Dalmatians so she was hooked right away. Then we did a couple of the activities together and I found how she knows how to write a few numbers. We finished up with a craft from the magazine. At this point it was time for me to bring Tabi back to the table so Daisy opted to watch a little Sesame Street. Tabitha and I worked on Ancient History and US History then she worked on Reading Comprehension, Problem Solving and Grammar by herself. After that hour, Tabitha went on the computer with Daisy watching her play and I tidied up the house while chatting on the phone during Chris’s drive home.

Once he was here we went off to Chipotle for a quick dinner and then into Michaels to gather craft supplies for County Fair entries. Of course we forgot one very important item so another trip will be in order ASAP. Once home I hopped into a hot bath where I was kept company by one little person while Chris and Tabitha worked on another Fair entry.

And now I’ve got the little one off to bed and the big one will soon be following. It felt really good to get back into full lessons this week now that summer classes are at a minimum.

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