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just what I needed

By Tara Zandra | August 6, 2008

After sitting in traffic for 5.5 hours over two days, I came home today wiped out. My whole body ached- even my ears hurt. Tabitha definitely won’t be taking a day camp at this location again. Thankfully I have Chris who not only massaged my neck and let me sleep for a bit, he also cooked dinner. So my afternoon/evening has gone much better and I’m getting ready to jump into the shower and then I’ll feel 100% again. And, of course, be ready to do this for another 2 days.

Today was the last Kindermusik that I participate in with Daisy. Next month she’s going to move up to the 3-5 year old class. *sniff* She’s had a great time during the summer session. I’m glad she decided to go back because she has so much fun. I really enjoy watching her get into it. By the same token, I think a semester off was what she needed in order to appreciate the class more.

Sorry, not much else is forthcoming tonight- my brain isn’t in the mood but I didn’t want to go two days without posting.

Oh I know, I was thinking about this yesterday but never posted. This has been a busy summer, obviously. Busier than any other summer I’ve had with the kids so far. So in two weeks the girls’ gymnastics school will be closed and our fall activities won’t have started yet. So I’ve decided we’re going to take a vacation from life. We’re not going anywhere at all and Chris won’t be able to take time off so it’s not that kind of vacation. But Daisy will only have one dance class and Tabitha will only have violin. Other than that we’re not going to do a darn thing. No alarms, no play dates, no lessons, no outings- absolutely nothing. I would like the chance to be bored during the day which is not a luxury I currently have. I’m really burnt out lately and that week will be just what I need to recharge. And the kids could use a week of no obligations as well.

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