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By Tara Zandra | August 4, 2008

The girls’ room is done being painted!


It’s not done being decorated, of course, since we’re still adding to the walls with themed items, but at least the big paint job is done. I must say again how much I love these colors together.

Tabitha started yet another day camp today. So after Daisy’s dance class this morning we headed out to her class. It’s near enough to The Grove that Daisy and I popped over there to kill some time. I’ve never even been to The Grove twice in one year, let alone twice in less than a month! We just went to Barnes and Noble as it was far too muggy to walk around outside. Daisy must have checked out every single book there. I bought two baby books for a gift and also picked up a Curious George book for Daisy because I thought she would like it. We didn’t get a chance to read it to her tonight though so not sure how she likes the actual story; but she seemed very pleased to get the book. We also walked through Pottery Barn Kids, but it didn’t have the same magic as the one we went to in San Jose.

Last night Chris and I watched “Other Boleyn Girl”- very interesting. It was one of those movies where at the end I just go “okay then.” Don’t mistake me, it wasn’t bad, it’s just that when you know the movie is about one of King Henry VIII’s wives, it’s not exactly going to go well in the end. I’m glad we watched it as it made us do a little research on Henry and Anne Boleyn and so we learned some new things.

We’ve really stepped up our movie watching this year. I’d say we’ve watched 3 times the number of movies we usually watch in a year. Off the top of my head I know we saw all three Mummy movies, Get Smart, Sliding Doors, The Devil Wears Prada, Troy, Dan in Real Life, Idiocracy, National Treasure 2, August Rush, Emma, Ocean’s 12 and 13, and Jane Austen Book Club. Now the latter doesn’t really count because we were on plane at the time. Also, we have previously seen Sliding Doors so that shouldn’t really count either. There’s probably a few more in there that I’m forgetting. I’m glad we’re taking the time to watch them and I guess we have the writer’s strike to thank.

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