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Play ball! (and paint)

By Tara Zandra | August 3, 2008

The other night while watching the Dodger game, they advertised an upcoming game that included free Dodger Build-a-Bears for kids. Did someone say free toys? We found a great deal on tix and today was the day. Of course it was a 1 o’ clock game so we slathered on sun screen and donned hats. The shade was only 3 rows behind us when we sat down and thankfully by about the middle of the third inning we were firmly covered by shade. But it was still hot and Daisy was very whiny. She just doesn’t do well at games and then we have to leave early which cheeses Tabitha off to no end. So we can stay and listen to Daisy whine or leave and listen to Tabitha whine. We chose to leave after the seventh because at least we’d be in air conditioning while Tabi whined, lol. I think in the future perhaps I’ll stay home with Daisy and other times we’ll have her stay with a grandparent. It’s either that or we don’t go to games for 2 more years. At least the Dodgers won today :)

When we got home, I jumped back into the painting game. This morning when we looked at the walls we painted yesterday, it was apparent one wall was going to need a second coat. So Chris took care of that this morning. This afternoon we worked on the lower part of the walls. I did all the edging and then Chris came in and did the roller brush. When that was done, I did the wavy line along where the blue and green meet to be the rolling hills on the horizon. I really think the blue and green look lovely together. I could already tell some of the green was going to need to be touched up, but we were losing light and I absolutely had to go to Target for general stuff so I’ll try and get the touch ups done first thing tomorrow morning before we head out for the day. Then tomorrow evening we should be able to take the plastic off the floor and put furniture and toys back in place. And I really do think I’ll be painting a tree. I don’t know that I’ll have time this week so it may have to wait until Saturday morning, but I’m very impatient, as always, so I may try and cram it in this week. You know, in all my copious free time.

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