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By Tara Zandra | June 9, 2006

I really need to change that pic on the right there. Speaking of which, for those that said they didn’t see a side bar at all, make sure you are on the front page http://ancfam.net. If you read through an RSS feed and then click here it takes you to a page with just that post on it and not the side bar. Iffin you care, I mean. If you’re perfectly happy with the way you see my site, then fine by me.

So, title of the post is annoyed. That describes my whole freaking day. Tons of little things that by themself wouldn’t bother me too much but if you add them all up then, well, you get a not-so-good day. Which started at 5:45 am courtesy of Wee Miss.

My dog ran away- twice; mycokerewards.com ran out of the item I planned to purchase today and this is the third time that’s happened to me; both my water bill and my electric bill went up twenty bucks thanks to my crappy dishwasher which I now have to run on the setting that takes two hours to finish; a week before I’m planning on buying plane tickets and they went up $100 a seat; my tarazandra.com domain was still down as it has been for the last week, but that is now all good. Speaking of that, if you’ve sent me email in the last week, there’s a good chance I didn’t get it. Feel free to resend.

That’s enough of that though. The weekend is starting and all this stuff will fade away.

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