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park time

By Tara Zandra | June 8, 2006

We had a play date at a park yesterday. Daisy was in climbing heaven. There were three different climbing structures in three sizes, of course, she spent most of her time on the largest one. At one point she did go to the medium one and as she was climbing up to the second level there was a mom who asked me if I wanted her to get Daisy down. I assured her the child was fine and explained that I’m just used to her. I then received the usual line of questioning involving her age and how long she’s been walking and all that jazz. Never fails. Anyway, Tabitha had a lovely time with her friend and I certainly enjoyed spending time with my friend.

Today Tabitha decided to pull out her old Blue’s Clues videos and enjoyed introducing them to Daisy. Wee Miss thought they were pretty funny at first since she has Tabitha’s old Blue’s Clues books and recognized the characters. But by the time Tabitha was mid-way through the second video, Daisy couldn’t have cared less. That didn’t stop Tabitha from watching another couple episodes before getting tired of them though.

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