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Sadly, HSM was better

By Tara Zandra | June 27, 2008

Miss Tabitha watched “Camp Rock” last night. For those of you without tween kids, that’s the new made-for-tv, original Disney Channel Movie. This one has the Jonas Brothers. Let me tell you, if I thought Joe Jonas was hysterical in his Mick Jagger prancing at the concert, he was downright ridiculous in this movie. Now, I didn’t actually sit down and watch it, Chris and I were in the dining room making fun of it to ourselves, but I saw enough to get the gist. It’s a bad movie. And my kid will watch it a thousand times and I will be forced to give even more money to Disney for the soundtrack, DVD, and eventual merchandise. As my title says, High School Musical was better- at least those kids could act (for the most part).

But aside from that, yesterday was gymnastics for both kids. Daisy was once again very animated and into the class the whole time. I think this higher level challenges her and that’s just what she needed. Think of gifted kids who act up in class because they are bored. That’s kind of how Daisy was before, it’s just her way of acting up was to shoot me sad, doe eyes, and give everyone else very cross looks. Now, she’s being shown things that aren’t just a piece of cake for her to do and she can focus on that. And on the child next to her without her hands in her lap, lol. I had a little talk with Daisy after class that it’s not really polite to tell the non-listening kids to listen and sit properly. Sure she’s right, but I don’t need the mother next to me giving me harsh looks because my child is reprimanding her child.

I really like the sound of Tabitha’s coach. I wish I had some way to watch her class and see how he runs it. But I cannot leave Daisy so I’m kind of stuck. I need someone to go with me, but I don’t really have anyone to do that.

Last night I did finish the cow dress. The straps took me way longer than I think they should have and I hope to learn from my mistakes. I think I made it harder on myself than necessary. But I put the dress on Daisy this morning and she loves it and it fits very nicely. She plans to wear it today :) I have her bows already, but her bracelet isn’t here yet so she won’t be fully accessorized. I’m toying with the idea of making a very quick Disney skirt for Tabitha because the kids’ customs are all for cooler weather. Well, Daisy’s are all dresses that were made to be layered over shirts and pants, so if I leave the shirts and pants off, then they are just sun dresses. But Tabitha doesn’t have anything like that and she mentioned wanting to wear a custom to Disneyland this summer. But I absolutely have to work on her party dress since the party is in two short weeks and I have even really looked at fabric for it.

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One Response to “Sadly, HSM was better”

  1. Marion Says:
    June 27th, 2008 at 11:44 am

    AH yes, Camp Rock….LOL, that’s how I spent last Friday night…with my 10 year old. And I’m sure she will be watching it several times over the summer…..not top notch acting, is it? LOL