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By Tara Zandra | June 21, 2008

This morning we melted at a local park while Tabitha had her fly-up ceremony from Brownies. She is officially a Junior Girl Scout now :) Sadly, Lindsay’s vest still didn’t come today despite all my fingers and toes crossed. So instead I gave her new bows custom bows to match the green of Juniors. I guess I’ll save her Brownie bows for Daisy’s future use.

Once at home, Tabitha played with the friend we brought home with us for about an hour and a half and then it was time for another American Girl Book Club meeting. Today was just to watch the Felicity movie and no discussion or activities since we did that last time. The girls had a good time and did more role-playing from the Felicity books. I’m so glad how they’ve all taken to the books. I mean, they aren’t earth-shattering literature, but they’re better than Barbie stuff, lol. Not that we don’t have that too, but I’m not organzing a club around it!

Once the last guest left I gave Daisy some much needed one-on-one attention and we played a few games together and then she watched me play a little Webk!nz and then helped me cook dinner. Turns out she’s pretty good with a potato masher :)

After dinner I sat down and worked on my design for the cow dress and started drawing the pattern and cutting out some fabric. My energy has all been used up though and I’m presently ignoring it while listening to bad music. I need to get back over there though because it needs to be finished immediately so I can work on Tabitha’s party dress which she will need in 3 weeks. Maybe I can pretend I’m working on it by surfing fabric websites instead, lol.

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