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melting pot

By Tara Zandra | June 20, 2008

Despite the stifling heat, we had a lovely time at Park Day. Just under ten families came out today so the conversation was quiet and intimate. A couple moms help me in my always present concerns about Daisy’s lack of interest in social situations. They both have older girls who, though not exactly like Daisy, at least are similar enough that their reassurances mean something to me. It’s not all serious talk though and there was much laughter among us all. I truly love our park days, even when I think I don’t want to go, I’m always glad I do.

Speaking of Daisy though, yesterday was her second gymnastics class in the higher level. Firstly, I did peek at the roster and she and her friend are the only 3 year olds in the class and the rest are 4. Not bad for my little monkey :) Coincidentally, the other 3 year old is also called Monkey in her family. But what I really wanted to say was, for whatever reason, Daisy was really “on” yesterday. Meaning, her personality was shining through. She really is a bright and funny girl, but only shows it to her closest family members. But yesterday in class she was carrying on full conversations and was saying cute and funny things. It was so nice to watch her be so free and not the reserved version of herself. She’s the one who should be a gemini, let me tell you!

Anyway, we stayed at park until 1:30 today which is much later than usual for us, but since Daisy didn’t get up until past 9:00am, I had no reason to rush home for her to nap. So when we got home we were just dripping and so hot. I actually changed into lounging clothes and brushed all my hair straight back, bangs and all, just to cool down.

This evening, I ironed wings patches to 9 vests for tomorrow’s Brownie Fly-Up ceremony. Oh, and Lindsay’s vest did not come today so I can’t give it to Tabitha tomorrow at the ceremony like I had hoped. I’m sure it will come in tomorrow’s mail, but I really wanted to do it at the ceremony itself. I’m bummed :( But I did make her a bottle cap necklace to wear with her dress that she really likes, so that’s something at least.

We have a full day tomorrow so we’ll see how we survive being out and about in the heat.

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One Response to “melting pot”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    June 21st, 2008 at 12:48 am

    Funny, I also spent time this evening ironing on vest patches — eight in all, including a pair of wings and a rainbow. Sometimes I think ironing takes more time than sewing would!