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quick post

By Tara Zandra | June 19, 2008

I sewed an easy dress for Tabitha for her upcoming bridging ceremony in Girl Scouts. All I did was sew a skirt onto a halter tank we picked out, but it really came out pretty. So flowy and summery. I also sewed Lindsay (American Girl doll) a matching skirt, of course. Lindsay has her own Brownie vest so I had to purchase a juniors vest as well. It’s already made and shipped, I just have to hope it arrives tomorrow as I really want to surprise Tabitha with it. Next I absolutely have to work on Daisy’s cow dress as she is getting rather impatient :)

Yesterday I did some rearranging in the girls’ room. Since the new bed is so gigantic, the only wall it could go against was the mural wall. So essentially the mural is covered. Now the opposite wall looks very plain since it’s always had a bed there. We’ve made decisions on what we want to do, now it’s just a matter of finding a weekend to do it. The three day weekend looks promising, though we kind of planned to work in the backyard, I’m sure that won’t take more than one day. One thing I did two nights ago was get Daisy some pretty letter decals that are made to go on walls. Tabitha has two signs on the door with her name on them, but Daisy was never given anything like that. So now her name is on the door in nice pastel colors. Flower and butterfly decals came in the pack as well, so we decorated her area under the bed.

And now I’m off to enjoy Kathy Griffin with Chris :)

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