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By Tara Zandra | June 6, 2006

Don’t you hate when you go to read a blog and the first sentence is about how the author doesn’t feel like blogging? How do you feel when it’s the second or third sentence?

In any case, life has been going on quite swimmingly as usual. Massive heat kept us away from our favorite location, Disneyland. When we would go places on Saturday, every time we got out of the car we just felt miserable. On Sunday we remembered that feeling and therefore opted not to go.

As I said, we went out on Saturday, starting with hula of course, then home for a slight bit before going to the mall to hit Dairy Queen. I had received a buy one get one free Blizzard coupon for my birthday so we wanted to make use of it before it expired. We also found some excellent Disney clearance books at Borders that made me happy. Next was on to Camp Geoffrey at Toys R Us. Tabitha got to test out some of the new Crayola outdoor sidewalk paint. They held it inside (thank goodness!) and used it on paper, but we were still able to get the gist of how it worked. We were given a coupon if we wanted to purchase it which I think we might at a later time. After that we came home and vegged in front of our video game, except Daisy who was napping. That evening Tabitha and I baked some brownies.

I’m really trying to get my baking groove back since I used to bake once a week. Why I’m starting in the summer I’ll never know but I tend to do things that don’t make the most sense which seems to make me even more determined. I’m strange, what can I say. Anyway, those cookies I made two weeks ago used Hershey’s cocoa and they were so good that I went to the Hershey’s site to find a brownie recipe. Uh, yum does not begin to describe them. I usually make, how do you say?, crappy brownies, and these were just right. I’m going to keep using Hershey recipes that’s for sure. I always say I can’t bake and don’t particularly enjoy it, but I’ve done good these last two times and had fun :)

Sunday morning started off with a play date for Tabitha. She and her friend had a grand time while my friend and I chatted. After they had left that’s when we decided not to go to Disneyland and instead lazed about and eventually ordered pizza for dinner.

Yesterday was back to the regular day, of course, lessons, laundry and bowling. However, after Chris got home we went to a Dodger game. Not only did they lose, thus keeping the Anc Fam curse alive, but Daisy was not exactly a delight. She’ll be baby-sat for the rest of our games this season and we’ll try to take her again next year. She did enjoy being walked around by me though and I must say she was cuter than heck. We rarely have her walk anywhere holding our hand simply because we want to encourage her love of the stroller. Goodness knows she doesn’t need practice walking. Anyway, she was holding my hand and we walked all over the place and everytime the crowd cheered she would stop, clap and say yay then grab my hand for more walking. Too cute that one is :)

Oh! Tabi lost a tooth yesterday. First one is a while and let’s just say the tooth fairy was caught most unawares and did not realize the tooth was actually that loose. I have it on good authority that Target came to the rescue for both a gift (color-by-numbers set that has been most coveted by Miss Tabitha) and cash in the form of eight quarters. Tabitha was thrilled with her small haul this morning and promptly colored a picture- by number.

Today was the return of our “June Gloom” and I just didn’t feel like doing anything. Sadly, I actually did put quite a bit of effort into picking up every book in the living room but Daisy won by doubling that effort and taking even more books off the shelves after her nap. After dinner the humidity seemed to have gone away so we all headed into the back yard. It is so fun watching the girls play together while Chris and I drink our sodas and joke around. We had music going and the dog being playful and it was one of those evenings I love.

After it became too cool we dumped both kids in the bath before starting the bedtime festivities routine. Now I believe Chris and I are going to watch Kathy Griffin and Last Comic Standing.

And clean up books.


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2 Responses to “blah-blah-blog”

  1. Jil Says:
    June 7th, 2006 at 7:50 am

    Don’t feel too bad. My friend’s family has the same curse, except it is with the Milwaukee Brewers. This has lasted for the entire season last year and has continued into this season…so far. And they attend several games each year.

  2. Melody Says:
    June 8th, 2006 at 8:10 am

    I get the June gloom too because of the heat. Ours hit way too early as well.
    Yum on the brownies, now I want one!!!
    Congrats on the tooth Tabitha!!!