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By Tara Zandra | June 11, 2008

I was up with Daisy for just shy of two hours last night. She was wide awake and had a fever, headache, and neck ache. I gave her Tylenol which got rid of her pains, but not the fever. And she was talkative. Very talkative. As in, she talked more in those two hours than she usually says in an entire day. And it was loud too, she even commented at one point that her voice was loud which prompted me to ask about her ears but she said all was well there and she wasn’t having any trouble hearing my low voice. The whole was just odd and I sat there kind of worried for awhile. But when the main symptoms are awake and talking, there’s not much to go on there.

I eventually got her settled in bed and was able to finally go to sleep at 2:00am. When my 6:30am alarm went off I turned it off, but I could hear Daisy talking through the monitor and sure enough she came in to me just 10 minutes later. I can’t believe she didn’t sleep in. She still had a fever but maybe .02 degrees lower. She was also pretty animated again but that ended after an hour. She kept that fever all day but she acted normally otherwise and no pains ever returned. We did cancel our evening plans tonight much to the kids’ dismay (Disneyland) but obviously she has some type of bug that her body is trying to fight so rest is the most important thing for her.

Anyway, the day really didn’t go as planned due to my slight worrying about her and also I was a tad tired. Tabi and I never did lessons though she did practice violin. I worked on a dress for Daisy most of the day which is what I’m currently taking a break from. Tabitha watched High School Musical 2 and my distain for it has not lessened in the 3 months or so since she last watched it. Darned if I still dont get sucked in to that ridiculous swing number though.

Hopefully Daisy will sleep through the night and tomorrow will be a bit better.

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