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By Tara Zandra | June 10, 2008

Both kids slept until 9am- bizarre. Considering I had two wake up calls from Daisy in the 4 o’ clock hour, it was nice to sleep in though.

Tabitha got invited to a birthday party that is Alice in Wonderland themed and costumes are encouraged- now I’m sewing an “inspired by” Queen of Hearts dress. I think it’s going to turn out wonderful. I came up with a very simple design, but I think the colors and embellishments will make up for it’s simplicity.

This brings my current dresses-that-need-to-be-sewn total to 5 so I started on one of them tonight since I haven’t really sewn this week.

Daisy decided she was a giraffe all day. Other than me having to call her a baby giraffe, I didn’t see much difference in how she usually acts.

Tabi somehow tore a huge hole in her pants under her bum which had me relieved because I hate those pants. She convinced me I can’t throw them away and have to sew her a purse out of the legs because that’s recycling and less stuff in the landfills.

It’s really hard to argue with that. She has decided she shall sew decorative buttons on it because it can’t be that hard. Other than passing the needle through corduroy I’m sure she can handle it.

A now I await the return of my husband who shall come bearing Diet Coke and neopolitan ice cream which I plan to top with bananas, Nilla Wafers, and Magic Shell.


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