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one of those days

By Tara Zandra | May 23, 2008

But in a good way :)

Everything went smoothly all day long- despite my 6:20am wake-up knock from Miss Daisy. Tabitha can take forever to get going in the mornings so I had a chat with her last night while we were on our way to Girl Scouts. As a side note, the car is such a wonderful place to have conversations with her. Walks are good too. We could be in the same room together at home and not say anything, but in the car, there’s just a feeling of sharing one’s feelings and thoughts.

Our schedule these days is rather tight, we’re always getting ready to go somewhere. So if Tabitha takes her sweet time in the morning, we essentially get nothing done and then it’s time for Daisy’s nap and Tabitha thinks of that as computer/reading/playroom time, not productive time. So I decided she will be given one hour from the time she wakes up (whatever time that may be, I don’t wake her) to do whatever she wants. Breakfast will be served a half hour after she wakes and then that gives her another half hour before she needs to get ready for the day. We implemented that this morning and I really think it helped start our day off correctly. She was completely ready for the day with all morning chores done and was starting her violin practice at 9:30am. This seamlessly led into math and spelling and then she worked independently on geography and grammar while I read to Daisy. Daisy then joined Tabi at the table and they worked on their own stuff before going off to play together while I put lunch together. Then Daisy took her nap and Tabitha played on the computer while I worked on a scrapbook layout. Soon after Daisy awoke we went to violin. Back home again and the girls played games together while I chatted on the phone with Chris before making dinner.

It’s now 6:30, dinner is done, the dishes are washing as I type, Tabitha is reading by herself, Chris and Daisy are playing together and I’m about to go for my walk before jumping into a hot bath. The evening’s not done, but it’s on the right track to continue going well. I just need this to continue from day to day too.

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