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weekend in SD

By Tara Zandra | May 20, 2008


We went down to San Diego for the weekend and had a fabulous time. The weather was just perfect and we did all the things we wanted to do.

We drove down Saturday morning and stopped for lunch at the first vegetarian restaurant on our list of three. It was called Sipz Fuzion Cafe. I had a “shrimp” dish that was rather interesting. I can’t say it tasted anything like I remember shrimp tasting, but that didn’t matter. Everyone else enjoyed their dishes and we had a vegan banana cake for dessert that was just incredible. There happened to be a fabric store next door so after we ate I took a quick trip in there to browse and actually found a fabric I’ve been wanting and it was on sale so I had to purchase it. Next we continued on to our hotel.

I can’t give the best recommendation for Comfort Suites. We had booked a kid suite a month ago. This past week Chris was called and told they wouldn’t be finished in time and they could offer us a regular suite. We took it though it wasn’t ideal. So when we arrived at the hotel, we were less than pleased to be told they didn’t have a regular suite for us. They gave us the choice of a kid suite at their sister property (another Comfort Suites a couple miles away) or 50% off a regular room. We took the suite at the other property so had to get back in the car one more time. But at least we got what we wanted in the first place. Basically you enter the room and are in what looks like a regular hotel room with a king bed, then there is a sliding glass door and that room had bunk beds, then another door to the bathroom. We hadn’t told the kids about the bunk beds so they were very excited to see those. Never mind that Tabitha has slept in a loft bed since she was 4, she loved the bunk beds. Though the room was nice, it was smaller than I anticipated and there wasn’t even a table and chairs. I hate going an entire weekend without anything to sit on but a bed. The kids’ room had a table and stools, but not the parents’ room. So while it was generally okay, we’re still searching for the perfect hotel for us.

Anyway, after all that, we went to Balboa Park. First we went to the Model Railroad Museum. We mainly went for Daisy’s sake since she’s such train person but the rest of us had a good time as well. Then we walked over to the Museum of Man which really focuses on evolution including breaking it down into evolution of primates and evolution of humans. It was all presented very well. They also had an ancient Egypt exhibit and a small hands on kid area, also based on ancient Egypt. There was a Mayan area, but it wasn’t presented in the best way and didn’t make much impact.

Then it was off to dinner at a fast food vegetarian restaurant called Veg-N-Out (’cause that’s funny). We ordered way too much food and while we did our best, we definitely should have shared a few things. We were thrilled to be in a restaurant that had veggie hot dogs on the menu because that’s rather rare around here.

Sunday we started the day off with a trip to the beach. I’ve made it my goal to get Tabitha to the beach at least 3 times this summer so that’s one trip down :) We went to a cove at Mission Beach so the waves were very small. Tabitha played in the water, Daisy and Chris alternated between water time and sand castle time and I took a lovely walk down the beach by myself. I could have gone on for hours as it is so peaceful walking on the wet sand, listening to waves and feeling the hot sand. Eventually I turned around and made it back to our blanket where I plopped down to read for a while before we packed up and went back to our room to shower and freshen up.


Next we went to a raw foods, vegan restaurant called Cilantro Live. This one was a little different since it was raw foods and it would take some getting used to I would think, to eat like that more often. Tabitha ordered a soup that was too spicy but enjoyed her salad. I had “pasta” made from shredded zucchini that I tried to share with Daisy but she wasn’t into it. She only ate the breadsticks and said she’d wait for the real food. It was an experience and one I wouldn’t mind repeating, just perhaps without the kids.

Then we headed down to Seaport Village for some browsing. There were loads of shops to look through and the kids had a great time. We picked up a few things here and there including a rubber duck for Daisy, nail polish that changes color in the sun for Tabi, and Chris bought me a new silver ring that is very cool. We wandered around for a few hours and then went to an early dinner at Chipotle and made a quick Target stop before going back to our room for the night.

Monday morning we were up early, packed, ate at the hotel’s free breakfast buffet and then headed to Legoland for Homeschool Days. They were only open 10-5 so we really had to maximize our time there. We managed to do loads of things, but still ran out of time before doing everything we would have liked. Last time we went, Miss Daisy wasn’t tall enough for a lot of things, but this year so rode tons of stuff and had a great time doing it. We really had such a great time there and can’t wait to go back soon.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.

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One Response to “weekend in SD”

  1. Sandy Says:
    May 28th, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    Lovely pics of the girls! Dan & I are going on a one day bus trip to Atlantic City in June - that’ll probably be the only ocean trip we make this year. Just too expensive to plan a 6+ hour one way road trip with gas prices so high! : (