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Disney World ‘08- Day 6

By Tara Zandra | May 29, 2008

Today was the day we were all set to match shirts. I know! Me matching family clothes! What is this world coming to? In any case, our personalized, embroidered shirts attracted loads of attention so it was worth it. Plus the girls both look so cute in their crocheted beanies.

Anyway, we started the morning off with another character meal. This time we went to ‘Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. At this point, neither of my kids really cared that much about a character being present while they ate and Chris and I came to the conclusion that perhaps we should stop pushing them. I guess my girls are jaded, I mean when you’ve had as much special treatment from characters as these two have, then a character meal is nothing.

This was another Magic Kingdom day for us. When we first arrived we immediately saw Daisy Duck and asked our Daisy to take her picture with her. Though Daisy is not named after the duck, I have an affinity for her due to the name. I also buy anything that says Daisy or has pictures of daisies, but I digress.

A little show started on Main Street soon after we arrived so Chris and Tabitha went to watch it while Daisy and I got in line at the barber shop. She was supposed to have her first haircut during our first visit in Sept. 2006, but that never came to fruition. This time I was determined she was getting her first haircut. Except when it was almost our turn she changed her mind and started freaking out. *sigh* Needless to say we left.

She and spent some time in the shops on Main Street and found a little theater in the very back of the camera shop. There were also those cheesy, cardboard type, cutouts to take photos in so we did. Then Chris and Tabitha made their way in there as well and more silly photos were taken before we headed to Adventureland.

We all watched the Tiki Room- Under New Management. It’s atrocious compared to the original, but since we have the original version at Disneyland, I don’t mind watching the revamped version in Magic Kingdom. After the show, Chris took the girls on the flying carpets a few times while I did my best to get a lot of general scenery shots since I don’t feel I did a good job of that on our first trip. We also rode Jungle Cruise and trooped up and down the stairs in the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.

We then were able to visit a couple attractions that we missed on our first trip. Our first stop was the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square. The show was very interesting, though perhaps not what I expected. I guess I thought every president would say something but they don’t, though they are all spotlighted and mentioned by name. I would like to see this again because I don’t feel it really stuck with me after only seeing it once. We also thoroughly explored Tom Sawyer’s Island which had neat caves that kind of freaked Daisy out but she’s a trooper and kept going. Tabitha was thrilled to explore as much as she could and insisted we travel every path and poke into every corner.

Next we headed to Tomorrowland and rode what is called Tomorrowland Transit Authority but is really the People Mover. Since that is long gone at Disneyland, we enjoyed every minute on that ride. We had the attraction host take our family picture because we did that on our first trip as well which ended up being the only picture of all four of us on our first trip. So this will be our little tradition for every Disney World trip. After we exited, we went to Carousel of Progress for the first time. It was a very unique show and though the “present” feels rather outdated, it was still an interesting trip through time.

At this point we had a little issue with keeping Daisy awake. She was absolutely ready to knock out for a nap but it was 4:00 in the afternoon and we couldn’t let her do that. So we played “Do whatever it takes to keep this kid’s eyes open!” We promised her cookies and ice cream and tried to make her walk. But there is nothing so pitiful as a two year old looking up at you begging you to carry them because “Mommy, I’m so tired!” Somehow or other we managed to keep her semi-awake. We all had ice cream and watched a show on the stage in front of the castle from a distance. Tabitha really wanted to see it for real and not obscured by trees so we promised we’d go on our last day.

Eventually we decided we’d seen all we needed to for this day and went back to Pop Century for dinner and an evening in. I believe I did laundry :) Chris took Tabi out to write post cards and then to the arcade while I put Daisy to bed. Then we retired to get ready for another Disney-filled day!

Photos are here.

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