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from good to bad

By Tara Zandra | May 9, 2008

Today was one of those days that started our really good, had a decent middle and just ended poorly. I guess I shouldn’t say that considering it’s not over yet. This morning the kids were playing together in the way that makes a mother smile. I was cleaning the kitchen and dining room while they pretended they were fairies, had found an elf, then played hide and seek and a few other games. That scenario was always something I fantasized about. I’m not sure why, all I know is when I was home alone (before kids) and doing some cleaning I would imagine the future of hearing my kids playing while I cleaned up. So I love when it is my reality.

Anyway, the afternoon went well with me getting some scrapbooking done (February is finished!) and then doing lessons with Tabitha and Daisy. Then Chris came home and I got dinner ready for us. That’s kind of when it started going downhill. First off, my dinner didn’t taste good to me, but no one else said a word and two others even got seconds. Then we were trying to get ready to run out to Target and I was hit with a minor sore throat that still hasn’t gone away. At this point I have a few other ailments and I really think Daisy’s cold has come after me. I’m achy and that’s making me irritable and unable to deal with kid annoyances. Of course, Daisy chose today to take a long and late nap so she’s still not asleep and Tabitha isn’t even in bed yet. If I could just get her off to bed and then get a nice neck rub from Chris, I’m sure I’ll feel better- at least mentally.

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