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not too bad

By Tara Zandra | May 7, 2008

The day wasn’t that bad actually. I let Tabi sleep until 10 just because I know she didn’t exactly get good sleep last night either. So we had a very lazy day- Daisy watched tv then played computer games and I dressed way down deciding comfy was a bit more important today. While Daisy rested in bed, Tabitha and I started our rock stuff which was a bit more me reading and her listening than I would have preferred. She did do one whole experiment and started another one that needs two days worth of observation, but it wasn’t quite as I envisioned. I think she enjoyed what we did though. We also worked a bit more on our mummy.

Sometime in the afternoon I decided to pull myself together and got dressed normally and did my make-up so Chris wouldn’t come home to a wife who looked like she sat around all day, lol. Tabitha worked on other lessons- book club, geograpy, reading comprehension, fractions, and problem solving- while Chris and Daisy kept me company while I cooked dinner. I had originally put a red pepper risotto on the menu (thanks for the idea Mandi!) but felt lazy at the last minute. It’s not hard, I just hate being tied to the stove and not able to work on other things. So instead I put rice in the rice cooker and used broth instead of water and threw red pepper in there as well. Once it was done I stirred in about 3/4-cups parmesan cheese. It was quite yummy and all four of us enjoyed it. Besides the faux-risotto and salads, I served roasted asparagus and tofu marinara. Basically I breaded tofu steak and then topped with pasta sauce and popped it in the oven. I sprinkled parmesan on top for the last 10-minutes of cooking. It was very tasty and next time I think I’ll take Chris’s suggestion to add a slice of mozzarella on top of the tofu.

After dinner, Chris and Tabi ran an errand and I got Daisy in the tub with vapor bath bubbles. While I listened to her singing away about Ariel I started a scrapbook page. I was able to finish it before I put Daisy to bed so that pleased me. I only have one double layout and then I’m officially done with Feb. I need to go to the mall on Friday to use a coupon at Gymboree so I’ll put in a picture order of March pictures. I usually don’t have time to get much done except kid classes on Thursdays, but I’d really like to finish the last layout and I need to design Daisy’s cow outfit since I plan to go to the fabric store tomorrow evening.

Here’s hoping Daisy sleeps better tonight!

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