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this should be a fun day

By Tara Zandra | May 7, 2008

Daisy has a cold which means neither of us slept last night. The best I had was probably the 40 minutes on the floor next to her bed using a blanket for a pillow. My neck is paying for that this morning. At 5:30am, I discovered she had wet the bed at some point in the night. This has never happened before. Considering she wasn’t on any cold meds, I don’t see how she didn’t wake up or why she failed to mention this little fact to me during one of my numerous visits. Her colds are usually very short, thankfully. It came on very hard and fast last night though, I never had a clue all day until about 6:30 and just two hours later it was a full blown cold. Very odd.

Yesterday I asked Tabitha if she could learn about anything at all today, what that would be. She chose gems and minerals which shouldn’t surprise me. She has had a rock collection for a few years that she’s continually adding to. I did some searching online for some resources on rocks and went to a teacher supply store yesterday while she was in gymnastics. Thankfully it’s an extremely cool store that looks like a giant playroom so Daisy found no problems amusing herself while I stared at the rocks shelf. I chose a book that has nothing but experiments involving rocks and minerals which should be a lot of fun. I also picked up a Critical Thinking Rocks and Minerals book that will also work nicely for a writing lesson. I also found limestone caves in CA just a couple hours away so we’re planning a family field trip to that later this month.

One room at the store was Ancient Egypt which we’ve been working in for a long time. I asked Tabitha if she wanted to continue or move on in history and she opted to stay in Egypt. So, thanks to an online friend, I have two more resources for Egypt. One is a museum in San Jose which the girls and I will be going to next month, the other is a book called History Pockets. I looked for it at the teacher store, but though they had Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Greece in stock, not Ancient Egypt so I’m considering just downloading the e-book version.

While we were in the Egypt room, there was music playing that at one point did feel a little spooky. Daisy asked if we could leave that room and I asked if she was scared because of the music and she said no, it was just “too Egypt” lol. She likes mummies and had a great time until that music switch so I do feel that was the real reason.

Lastly, for both girls benefit I bought a beautifully illustrated “A Child’s Garden of Verses.” I’ll use it to read aloud simple poetry to the girls, for Tabitha to practice reading it aloud, and also for her to do some memorization. I have fond memories of reading this book as a child so I’m glad to have another copy.

So yesterday Tabitha and I worked on the mummy project from hades. We’ve been working on it forever and we haven’t even finished the outer coffin. There is so much cutting out and each time we cut out a shape, I have to cut out a million little triangular pieces to create the tabs. So we cut and cut and cut some more and then put a little bit of glue on only to realize that it’s difficult and the cutout doesn’t want to stay where it’s supposed to and it has the potential to lead to a lot of frustration. When this thing is finally finished, we’re going to put it in our will because it needs to become a family heirloom due to all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into it.

Daisy and I did a much less frustrating project and painted a butterfly. We did the kind where you cut half a butterfly on a fold of paper (like a valentine) and then Daisy painted just one wing then we folded the other wing on top thereby creating the mirror image pattern on the other wing when opened. She thought it was pretty neat and she’s always up for using paint. Once it’s sunny and springlike again I think we’ll do another butterfly craft.

And now, it’s 9:30am and the diet coke has kicked in sufficiently so I must start my day.

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One Response to “this should be a fun day”

  1. Vanessa Says:
    May 7th, 2008 at 10:51 am

    Hey, that store sounds cool! Gillian probably would have been freaked out by the music too — she loves scary stuff in books, but let her get a hint of anything scary in real life, and she’s looking around for someplace to hide.

    Reading about Daisy’s butterfly brought back a really strong memory of making a butterfly craft when I was in third grade. It had a clothespin body and tissue-paper wings, and I thought it was so cool because we got to use glitter. Apparently glitter is the key to remembering something almost 30 years later. :)