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By Tara Zandra | April 23, 2008

My neighbors as having work done in their backyard which involves a small forklift-like vehicle and it’s going back and forth from their front yard to their backyard. When it goes from back to front, it travels in reverse, so I’ve been listening to that horrid backup beeping sound that trucks make for the last 2 hours. I am literally going out of my mind. Daisy couldn’t fall asleep because of it so that doesn’t help. And I found out I’m allergic to hard work. I mean, I always suspected but today while I was out pulling weeds, I sprouted a light rash on both arms and felt very dizzy. In truth, I think the gloves I was wearing are made of something that bothers me because my hands were very itchy but have felt fine since I took them off. And my arms look normal again too. I think the dizziness was just from the constant stooping and standing while pulling weeds in the sun. I need to lay some landscaping fabric, but realized I should have asked Chris to buy 3 rolls, not the sad lone roll I did ask for. I didn’t really feel like continuing today anyway, so stopping was okay with me.

I do wish I could get away from that beeping. Unfortunately, the kids and I went out this morning. We went to the mall and a quilt store and we were just at Target. The only place left to go hang out is Toys R Us and I’m just not in the mood. Plus Tabi needs to practice violin and get some lessons done. I should go to the grocery store but I have zero desire. I can throw something together for dinner from what we have, but there won’t be leftovers for Chris to take to work for lunch tomorrow.

The kids are going to take over the computer for a little while and I’m either going to work on scrapbooking or sewing. I have Tabitha’s pig fabric and we found two coordinating fabrics at the store this morning so I’m kind of chomping at the bit to get started. On the other hand, I really want to work on my Chicago layouts. I guess there are worse problems to have :)

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