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where we haven’t been

By Tara Zandra | April 2, 2008

Since the New Year we’ve gone to Disney World for 9 days, Chicago for 7 days, to Phoenix for a weekend, an American Girl Fashion Show, The Huntington, a Foo Fighters concert and a Wiggles concert and gone letterboxing. We’ve had two birthdays, one birthday party, Easter, Girl Scout cookie booth sales and a recital. You know what we haven’t done? Gone to Disneyland. We’ve been twice, January 30 and Februrary 4- that would be the girls’ birthdays. Both girls have just decided they miss it and have been begging me to go. I had thought we’d go today, but it was too cold and Miss Daisy has a cold. We can’t go this weekend due to other plans so we’re looking at next Wed. at the earliest. I don’t necessarily want to go without Chris but at this point I think my kids will mutiny if they don’t get to ride a flying elephant- and soon.

I’ve been working on scrapbooking which is a good thing (too lazy to take pics right now). Yesterday I ran out of adhesive though and with Daisy sick I couldn’t get to the store today. I tried to be productive anyway by planning a layout. I had meant to plan two layouts, but kids, laundry and dinner got in the way, lol. Tomorrow I’ll be able to go to a store so I can pick up what I need and then it’s just a matter of putting it to use. After I finish the layout I have planned I’ll take pics and upload to my scrapbooking page. I was thinking I should probably make a sewing page as well. Everything I’ve sewn can be seen by clicking on the “Sew What’s New” category link to the right though, so I don’t feel quite the need for a whole separate page.

We received Daisy’s Bob Books today. She read the first one for all of us very easily. We were so proud of her. She really is doing amazingly well sounding out the words and blending the sounds together. She wanted to read the second one as well but she had a little trouble. It introduces the word “and” and she kept saying “end” and I couldn’t get her to say otherwise. So she asked for the third book, but it has the word “has” and I didin’t want to try another word that can’t be sounded out since she still hasn’t mastered “the.”

In more book news, with the Bob Books was Tabitha’s set of six American Girl Kaya books. She’s on the last book as I type. I know they aren’t exactly heavy reading, but still. All six books in one day? I need to read them as well since our first book club meeting is coming up. Of course, today I was thinking perhaps I should have started with an introductory meeting to talk to all the girls about what we’re going to do and to do introductions. But it’s a little late to change my plans since I already sent out the email with the outline of the first meeting. Oh well, I’ll learn from my mistake for next time I form something like this.

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