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By Tara Zandra | December 23, 2007

Chris and I did most of the wrapping last night while watching 5 hours of “Clash of the Choirs”. Except, thanks to the lovely Tivo that enabled us to skip all the senseless talking, it only took about 2.5 hours. I was quite impressed by the a capella version of “Flight of the Bumblebee.” You wouldn’t think that was possible, but there is was. We have a just a bit left to finish up tonight.

Friday night I took Tabitha to see “The Nutcracker” ballet. She’s very interested in ballet right now and loves the music from the Nutcracker so she was very excited to go. She had a great time and pretty much cemented that this will become a yearly tradition. I haven’t seen it since I was maybe 6, I’m pretty sure my Grandmother took me to see it. Though Tabitha was dressed properly, we realized she doesn’t have a fashion coat for this kind of occasion so we’ll need to remedy that next year. I was trying to explain to her how to act at the theater while she was bouncing down stairs but she was still acting like, well, like an 8 year old. I hit upon the idea to tell her she needed to be a lady like Samantha in the American Girl books. That she understood and later got to hear another mom tell her two girls almost the exact thing about being little ladies.

Today we all headed to Whole Foods to do our Christmas Day food shopping. Tabitha and Chris chose several cheeses and breads while I hit the olive bar. We also picked up a few crackers and some roasted red pepper hummus. We’ll have quite the tasty spread on Christmas Day.

After Whole Foods, we took the kids to my in-laws’ so Chris and I could do one last shopping trip. But we weren’t shopping for gifts as we are completely done. I realized that I really have nothing to wear for Christmas Eve. Just nothing. My winter wardrobe is practically non-existent right now and I have nothing even remotely appropriate for the evening party at my in-laws’. If I didn’t purchase something I was looking at going in ill-fitting jeans and a short sleeve t-shirt. So Chris and I went to Gap for pants and Old Navy for a ribbed turtleneck (in green no less!) and then found shoes at Payless and a necklace at Target. Now I feel much more put together and ready for tomorrow night. Christmas Day I’ll be back in those jeans and t-shirt, but we always go casual on that day so I don’t really care. Next weekend Tabi and I are going on our annual shopping trip and I can get some items that fit and aren’t outdated.

Tomorrow I’ll share pictures of the decorated house.

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