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Miracle in SoCal

By Tara Zandra | December 17, 2007

Last year, three of the family’s new personalized stockings arrived well before Christmas. Daisy’s was backordered and I was in tears at the thought of her being left out of having a special stocking. On Dec. 23 it arrived and I got my Christmas miracle.

Well I’m in need of another one. I have every piece of Tabitha’s Santa gift except one, and it’s the main part. Giving her everything else but that one part would be like giving all the accessories to a car but not the actual car. It was supposedly shipped on the 6th but only part arrived. I called again today and the customer service rep called UPS who told them it had been delivered. Except it wasn’t. So she said they’d ship me a new one and it should be here in 5 to 6 business days. Um, no. That would be after Christmas. So she said she would ship 2nd day air and it should be 3 business days. I said that would be fine and hung up feeling vaguely relieved. But I’m not, because I had been on hold for roughly 15 minutes having no clue what was going on so I was going out of my mind and just accepted what she said. In hindsight I should have gotten her name and I should have made sure the tracking number was going to be emailed to me. So I’m going to call again on Wed. and try to get that tracking number. We’ll see.

The thing is, I can’t give Daisy her gift from Santa if Tabitha’s doesn’t come. The reason is they are kind of similar and Tabitha would be very disappointed and jealous of Daisy. Worst case scenario, I do have a back-up plan. I do have two other items that are “big” enough to be a Santa gift. Then I would just wrap the catalog picture of the missing item and label it from us. She’d then know it was coming and be happy with that. It’s just, my back up gift isn’t really eye-catching when she would first walk into the living room. I just really need Magic Cabin and UPS to come through for me here.

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