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The family that dresses bears together, stays together.

By Tara Zandra | December 8, 2007

Today we focused on putting finishing touches in our decorating. Chris and I went through all our lights and checked which ones worked. Then we made a plan of how we wanted to string them on the house before heading to Target to pick up a few more sets to fill in the gaps. Once home, I did a bit of yard work because after the lights are hung up, we won’t have any spare extension cords to run the yard tools. Chris worked on hanging all the lights and the kids first watched a couple holiday shows then baked cookies together. I had bought them the break apart kind so they could do it without me, though I did put them in and take them out of the oven.

My mom came over in the early afternoon to stay with the girls so Chris and I could do a little shopping. We headed to the mall and spent quite a bit of time in the parking lot before finally finding a spot across the street. Our first stop was to find two Webkinz for stocking stuffers and we were not only successful in finding the two we were looking for, but we also finally found the penguin. He’s going to go into the Mom Store though. We then went to Nordstroms where I found out why they are so well known for the customer service. I had the most helpful salesgirl in the world. I just needed some undergarments for my evening gown for Chris’s work Christmas party but I did have some questions and she was fantastic. I told Chris that my plan is to be shopping there regularly in 5 years time, lol.

We tried to shop for shoes for me, but the Payless at that mall closed which severely cuts my non-leather options. I did find a couple pairs I liked at JC Penney, but not enough to wait forever a salesperson to help me. Oh, there was a gorgeous pair at Nordstroms. But aside from being leather, they were over $400. Maybe I need to revise that 5 year plan.

We checked out some lighted, outdoor snowmen at Sears, but ultimately decided to perhaps wait another year before adding to our budding lawn art. We then grabbed lunch in the food court and then stopped at Target again because in our earlier stop we had forgotten to pick out our Toys for Tots donations.

Once home, we put up a bit more tinsel garland, removed a few things from the living room until after Christmas and dressed all our Build-a-Bears in their Christmas attire. All told we have two elves, Santa and Mrs. Claus, and an Angel lined up in front of the TV. We also put up some party scene wall art in the corner that is reserved for our Christmas tree which we will get next weekend.

It was a good, productive day :)

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