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33 and snowflakes

By Tara Zandra | December 1, 2007

Yesterday was Chris’s birthday so we’re caught up in ages for the next 6 months. Unfortunately the day didn’t go quite as planned. It started off pretty good. We were still up at midnight Thursday night so since it was officially Nov. 30 I gave him his present from me. I ordered him a shirt with the date 1-20-09 on it. That would be Bush’s last day in office. We don’t share the same politics but I knew he would love it and I was very right. He wore it proudly on Friday.

We got up first thing Friday morning to make the traditional birthday trip to Disneyland. First the girls gave him their present which was an elephant Webkinz because he liked it at the store last month. It seemed like a good gift from the kids :) Anyway, we headed to Disneyland despite the “showers off and on” warnings. It was more like a constant downpour and we had to come home after spending just 20 minutes in the Magic Kingdom :( I did get him a birthday button from City Hall, but it’s not the same and I felt so horrible that we couldn’t stay.

But since we weren’t going to be buying lunch, drinks and snack at Disneyland, I asked Chris if there was anything he wanted to buy for himself for his birthday and what he wanted was Madden ‘08 for the Wii. So I dropped the family off at home and went to Target to get it for him. When I returned home we all headed out to lunch with Chris’s mom. Afterwards, Chris played his new game and the kids watched a DVD on the computer while I worked on a new dress for Daisy.

In the evening, Tabitha went out with my inlaws to a Christmas dinner show. My mom came over to baby-sit Daisy and Chris and I headed out to a small cafe in LA to watch a friend of ours perform with two of his old bands. We had dinner there and enjoyed the ambiance and just being together.

Here’s a couple pictures of the snowflake outfit I sewed for Tabitha that she wore last night and she’ll wear on Christmas Eve. The shirt was plain white- I added the fur cuffs and the snowflakes which were originally part of a sheer fabric so I cut out the snowflakes and appliqued them onto the shirt. The skirt I completely sewed.



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