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By Tara Zandra | November 24, 2007

Tabitha is at my inlaws’ helping my MIL put out all her Christmas decorations and Daisy and Chris are both napping so it’s like I’m all alone :) Right now I’m finishing up Tabitha’s skirt. It’s done except for sewing the waist band and then inserting the elastic. I don’t really want to run the sewing machine with two people sleeping so I’m working on preparing the appliques for Tabitha’s top. We’re just going to work with a white shirt from Target since I never decided on a design for a top. But we bought beautiful snowflakes and fun fur so the top will be jazzed up. And if there’s one thing Tabitha likes, it’s jazz, lol.

No real point to this post, I mainly signed on to update the photo to the right. That was taken last weekend at Disneyland. Tabitha stuffed a blanket in the santa hat so it would stand up. Oh, and the shirt she’s wearing is one I appliqued, my first Mickey head :)

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