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when rock meets hillbilly

By Tara Zandra | November 21, 2007

Last night I was among a sea of regtangle glasses, greased hair, and shirts with the sleeves ripped off. That’s right, it was time for a Social Distortion concert! I had been looking forward to this since July, when I bought the tickets. Since that time I’ve been to two concerts (Crowded House and Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus) and neither were for me. Then my White Stripes cancelled and all I had was Social Distortion- a band I’ve loved for a long time but never saw them live.

Yeah, the whole thing kinda sucked and we left way early. Seriously.

First off, the show was at House of Blues Anaheim. I’ve seen a few shows there before, but always my friends’ band, The Friendly Indians, and lets just say that much as I love those guys, they don’t exactly sell out like Social D. To say it was packed does not come close to conveying the amount of people in a small space. On top of that, every single person in the front had to leave their friends for constant beer runs to the bar at the back pushing their way through us on the way to the bar and pushing with 6 beers in their hands on their way back to their friends at the front. My boobs got pressed so many times someone should have at least had the decency to buy me a drink. Anyway, next came the actual concert. They did so many obscure songs that I didn’t know a single one, including a song off a CD that we own and I used to listen to all the time but apparently this song did not stick in my head. But it’s not just that I didn’t know the songs, because I did enjoy them all since they, of course, have the Social D sound. Frankly the band just wasn’t that dynamic and entertaining. Mike Ness kept making these really weird faces while playing and that was pretty much it for stage presence. To top it off, standing in my little 2-foot by 2-foot space for two and a half hours was just really uncomfortable and my legs/knees were killing me. When you add everything together, it simply wasn’t fun so we left. I’m sure they played all the songs I enjoy as soon as we were gone, but they didn’t sound any different than they do on their CD and I can hear that anytime.

Once we left House of Blues, Chris and I sat outside for awhile just talking then slowly walked to our car. If nothing else, it was really nice to spend uninterrupted time with him.

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