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nothing going on

By Tara Zandra | November 17, 2007

Not the most exciting day here in the Anc Fam. We went to the mall this morning since a temporary Disney outlet opened yesterday. I actually found something, which is kind of rare. They had a Sleeping Beauty dress that will fit an American Girl doll so I bought it on the sly for Tabitha for Christmas. I also found a Webkinz that she really wants and that will go in her stocking. So it was a good venture.

We picked up my car on the way home and then once home I attempted to put Daisy down for a nap. That did not work in any way so we all sat down to lunch. Chris and I played on Webkinz for awhile and then he played with Daisy, Tabitha played in the playroom and I ran to the fabric store real quick. I worked on the next jeans project when I got home but I found it tedious cutting out multiple Mickey heads so I did not progress very far.

We put Daisy to bed early since she didn’t nap and then Tabitha, Chris and I watched Endurance and then played some Wii Sports. Now she’s in bed early as well and Chris and I are going to watch TV.

Just another day.

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