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Visual and Performing Arts

By Tara Zandra | November 9, 2007

We started Tabitha’s art program two weeks ago. The program is designed to be used one day a month (a lesson takes a few hours), but lesson one was only a preview and didn’t really sate her appetite for art. So Tuesday we did lesson two which was all about Vincent van Gogh. One of her favorite paintings is Starry Night so I’m glad he was the first artist studied. The last part of the lesson was creating a piece of art inspired by van Gogh’s techniques. I erroneously skipped the part that says I’m to demo each step thinking she’s be fine with the verbal instrunctions and illustrations in the manual. Yeah, not so much. Next time I’ll be doing the demonstration steps as well. However, her “inspired by Starry Night” came out rather nice. It was done with oil pastels on black construction paper.

Wednesday is our free from classes day so we planned that day to go to Norton Simon Museum to see some actual van Gogh paintings in person. They have three on display in their permanent collection and Tabitha was able to pick them out right away upon entering the room. The nice thing about living in SoCal is we really have a lot of resources within a reasonable driving distance. I was able to track down at least one work of art on display for each of the artists Tabitha will be studying in the coming months. The furthest we will have to drive is about 40 minutes. We will be going back to Norton Simon for twice and they do a preschool storytime so next time we’ll time our visit so Daisy can participate in that.

Wednesday night was the long-awaited Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert. Gotta love a Disney concert that started at 7:00pm. We were back in our car by 9:43pm LOL. The openers were The Jonas Bros. and I was highly entertained by them. I could not stop laughing as the lead singer was quite the little “rock n’ roll” poser. I swear he did both an Axl Rose and a Mick Jagger move. Hannah and Miley kind of bored me to be honest. I mean, she’s a talented little girl, but there were too many clothing changes and far too many dancers. But I’m not the target audience and all the 13,000 screaming girls at the Staples Center seemed to really be into it, including my Tabitha, so I’m not exactly the right one to give an opinion.

Yesterday was gymnastics/book club/Brownies AKA The Exhausting Day. Gymnastics we really, really well, which pleases me since the last two weeks were kind of iffy. After Daisy and I picked up Tabs from book club we all headed out to the Girl Scout council shop as I am the official troop shopper (who else is as qualified to shop?). Daisy loves going there because they have a play area which is rather considerate of them. However, when it was time to go, my Wee Miss balled her hands into little fists and screeched at the top of her lungs “I’m not done plaaaaaaay-ING!” I nipped it in the bud but looking back at it made me laugh. She is the cutest tantrum thrower. I think I can say that because 1. She really doesn’t do it that often, and 2. An episode lasts less than a minutes. Oh, and I’ve lived through Tabitha who took tantrum throwing very seriously so Daisy is a piece of cake comparatively, at least in that dept.

Today was park day which I didn’t really want to go but both kids did so we went. I was on day 3 of my headache. I’ve taken a few different drugs trying to combat it and let me tell you, the headache is definitely winning. I also now think I’m coming down with a cold so here’s hoping it’s mild and quick.

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