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By Tara Zandra | August 27, 2007

We spent most of this weekend working on house stuff. We basically emptied the living room of all but the home theatre and two bookcases. We took down the last wall of paneling and Chris did the first sanding on the wall. He’ll make a purcahse at work this week for the next step. So one wall in the living room is the ugliest yellow/green possible. It’s something, let me tell you. But it’s a lighter color than the paneling, of course, so the room already looks brighter. We also decided our 100-disc CD player was no longer needed. We bought it before digital music and it certainly served us well over the last 11 years, but neither of us could even remember the last time it was turned on. So Chris took out all 100 CDs and put them away and then we decided to cull our CD collection. He went through them one-by-one and probably ended up getting rid of about a hundred. We kept some for the nostalgia factor which is why we still have Chris’s Morrisey and my Motley Crue. Needless to say, had we known eachother in high school, our musical tastes would not have been compatible.

Anyway, after that, Chris went ahead and took the 100-disc player out to the garage and redid the stereo cabinet since we now had a huge space in it, which helped clear off some components from the top of the TV. I spent most of that time reorganzing our two bookshelves which were a chaotic mess. The living room looks much more calm now, even with the odd colored wall.

We took some timeouts by seeing both our families this weekend. Saturday we went out to dinner with my mil, fil, and bil and then yesterday we went out with my mom, sister and sister’s boyfriend to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Oh, and somewhere in all that, Chris spent 15 frantic minutes trying to get through the Ticketmaster website so I can take Tabitha to see Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and the Jonas Bros. in November. Needless to say, she’s quite estatic.

Today’s writing lesson was to write a story using three pairs of homophones. Tabitha opted to do a poem.

“An Ode to My Family”

The poem I’m starting to write,
I do think it will be all right.
Daisy’s very cute, plus nice,
but she also has a little spice.
Daddy’s very handsom [sic] and tall,
he likes the Dodgers baseball.
Mama’s very sweet, she’s who I’d like to be,
she’s more like honey, than the sting of a bee.
And me well, one thing I love to see,
is the pretty waves of the sea.

The poem that I started to write,
I hope you think it’s all right!

The End!

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