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new books

By Tara Zandra | August 23, 2007

The kids and I went to Barnes and Noble today so Tabitha could turn in her reading forms and get her free books. She did two forms, which is the maximum, for a total of 16 books. Now, some of the books were easy-breezy like her High School Musical fan fic, but for the most part they were real books. I know I mentioned before how much she had read, but since that post (which was July 18) she has read 4 more Harry Potter books (so she’s on number 6 now) and one more Little House book. Not to mention all the books she re-reads. So she got to pick out two free books from a selection and she chose an American Girl Mystery and a Beverly Cleary book. It’s not one I’m familiar with, but we know the author well enough to feel good about choosing it. We didn’t just pick up the books and go though, I had promised Daisy we’d stick around and browse. She had a really good time doing that and the books she likes to look at are right next to all the workbooks so I had something to do too. I found a couple Language Arts books I liked, one is by a company we already use but this book seemed to have even more good stuff in it. I also found a “figure it out” type book and though a lot of it is simply math problems, there is some logic problem solving as well. And I found a Kumon tracing book for Daisy. So not bad, I just wasn’t there to shop today so I didn’t actually come home with anything. Next time.

Last night Chris and I sat down to watch “Garden State.” I would prefer to call it by it’s new name “State of Crap.” After 30 minutes I made him turn it off. You know how there are some works of art in galleries that you look at it and tilt your head to one side and think to yourself, “My son/daughter/dog/monkey could do that.” But the art is priced at twenty thousand dollars because it’s critically acclaimed so perhaps it is good and you just don’t understand art. Yeah, well, that’s how I felt about this movie. People loved it and I didn’t get it. Mainly because of the crap factor. Oh, and please don’t tell me that I should have watched more than half an hour and then it gets good. If it takes that long for a movie to start getting good, then it’s not a good movie. I will say part of my dislike was Zach Braff’s desire to but as many f-bombs as he could into the script. Because that makes it more real dontchaknow. Goodness knows my mouth isn’t pristine, as evidenced by my mini-parrot (aka: Daisy), but does every sentence have to use it a minimum of 3 times? I’m guessing Zach Braff really likes Kevin Smith movies. Anyway, that’s way too much of my energy spent analyzing a movie I hated.

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