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hairspray and coreys

By Tara Zandra | August 17, 2007

I forgot to mention that I took Tabitha to see Hairspray the other night. We went with my MIL who had already seen the movie and at the end remarked it was different seeing it with an 8 year old. Let me just say I don’t necessarily advise taking kids quite that young to it. I’m pretty sure most of the innuendos went over her head, but I’m also sure she caught a few of them. It really wasn’t anything overt and the only implied sex is between a married couple, but there is mention of sleeping with judges to win a contest, a flasher in the opening scene (John Waters cameo), and fairly suggestive dancing to name just a few things. Overall it’s really not that bad, but I kept thinking to myself that perhaps Tabitha shouldn’t be there.

We had talked before the movie about the issue of segregation, which we’ve spoken of before. After the movie we talked more so I could clear up a few things for her that she didn’t quite understand (such as she had never heard the word ‘negro’ before). It was a pretty fun movie for what it was and Queen Latifah has an absolutely beautiful song. Oh, and I loved John Travolta in it and thought he was hilarious. Tabitha says she enjoyed the movie though she did express surprise that Zac Ephron’s part wasn’t as large as she thought.

I haven’t used my ruffler foot yet, but I did finish up a couple outfits that were waiting for details. I’ll post pics later as Daisy is napping right now and I need something out of there for Tabitha’s pics. I’m pretty pleased :)

So, I’m watching “The Two Coreys.” You see, aside from being completely entranced and in love with Axl Rose in high school, I was equally in love with Corey Feldman. I had one wall of posters of GN’R and one wall of Corey Feldman. I once even held a Corey Feldman party where we all went to see “Dream a Little Dream” at the theatre and then went to my house for a sleepover where we watched “Goonies,” Stand by Me,” “Lost Boys,” and “License to Drive.” Good times, good times.

But then Corey got busted for drugs and I thought he was an idiot singing in a band dressed like Michael Jackson and that was the end of that crush. But now, “The Two Coreys” is on and I thought it would be awesomely bad TV. Chris said he’d watch with me but after about 5 minutes I had to turn it off. Today though, I decided to finally watch them and I’ve seen the first two episodes. Sad to say I’m about to turn on the third. Man is Haim and jerk. But the Feldmans are our people being vegetarians and hanging out with people from PETA. I have to admit I’m enjoying it. Not sure I should be saying that outloud.

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