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always with the changes

By Tara Zandra | August 13, 2007

We spent all of last week at Tabitha’s second week of day camp with the museum. Her first week was a class on different habitats in the world and this last week was all about the rainforests. Daisy and I had good times hanging out with each other. We spent time in the museum, in the butterfly pavilion, in the rose garden, inside the science center for air conditioning and also relaxing under a canopy of trees. One part of the museum was built in 1913 and some of these trees are probably just as old. They are not only tall but wide around and have thick branches that form together at the top forming quite the nice buffer against the heat. A breeze would waft through the tree corridor and it was just peaceful and uplifting. It’s one of my favorite places to be.

Tabitha loved both her classes and made fast friends, as usual. Everyday she came out of class bouncing and bubbling with enthusiasm to tell me what they did that day. Next year I get to take them myself with Miss Daisy.

I’ve done more sewing lately. I practically finished a dress for Tabitha; all it needs is a button and rick rack trim. I did another outfit for her that is just awaiting buttons and it will be finished as well. They are both Disney but the second one is a bit more specialized and will probably only be worn in a Disney theme park. The dress could really be worn anywhere, it just happens to have Mickey and Minnie on it. I’ll take pictures after they are completely done. Today I think I’ll be starting on a dress for Daisy- it will be a theme park outfit.

Yesterday we went to California Adventure so the kids could play in the water areas. We hadn’t been to Disney in about 3 weeks (not counting when Chris and I were ther for our anniversary) so we were definitely due. But man was it hot. We were all just drooping and though it was fun, it was draining.

So, the changes the title refers to. Chris was promoted at work, yay! His new hours aren’t the best though. In fact, he almost turned down the position because of them. But we talked it over and I knew we could make any hours work because we live on our own schedule. We’re just shifting mealtimes and bedtimes a couple hours and then Chris will have just as much time with the kids as before, just later in the day. We figure we’ll only have to deal with it for a few months because his hours seem to change every few months. But despite the hours, I am very proud of him for getting another promotion :)

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