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Time for a post

By Tara Zandra | July 11, 2007

So, last I posted, summer was just starting. We’ve been having fun so far. Chris went to Vegas with his dad and brother for Father’s Day so the girls and I, along with my MIL, went out for a girls’ day and had pedicures, lunch and some shopping. I hate being alone at night though and freaked out a bit one night so if this becomes an annual tradition (and I think they are leaning that way) then I’ll be taking the kids to the Disneyland Hotel in the future.


One week we met friends at a Science Museum and another day we met different friends at the beach. That’s unusual for me because I’m not a big beach person and I’m not sure why I agreed to go in the first place. But I had a good time and Daisy enjoyed digging in the sand while Tabitha played in the water. There are few waves at this beach and certainly not large ones so it was quite peaceful.


For July 4th we went to the Kwik-E-Mart and had Squishees. That night we walked around the neighborhood and watched everyone’s [illegal] firework displays. Daisy called them the “boom-boom lights” and seems over her hatred of fireworks.


Tabitha’s new baton class started Monday; but we left after we witnessed the instructor yelling at the kids in the class before hers. Not yelling as in trying to be loud and get her voice heard, yelling as in scary cheerleader coach that leads to one of the reject girls murdering her and ending up a Lifetime movie. After the third time she yelled at the kids, Chris and I used our telepathic look and got Tabitha out of there before her class ever started. So no baton for Tabitha now and possibly not ever. I’ve promised her gymnastics and ballet instead of just one of them though she still has to wait until the fall.

Daisy is still in love with her gymnastics class. Now she realizes how much fun classes are because yesterday was the start of summer session for Kindermusik and she cried when it was over just like at gymnastics. Great.

Tabitha’s first Girl Scout day camp was cancelled so that was a bummer. Actually, first it was cancelled, then it was turned into a 2-day “Diva Camp” to which I said a most emphatic No. Then they recruited girls through something I don’t understand and it was going to be a 5 day “Diva Camp” to which I still said no and asked for my money back. It’s not even remotely like the camp description for what I signed her up for. So that just furthered my bad feelings about how Girl Scouts is run in our area. She has another Girl Scout day camp coming up, we’ll see if that one happens.

Not warranting a paragraph, but we’ve also gone to Disneyland a couple times.


Because of my Disney obsession love, I think I mentioned before about custom Disney clothes on Ebay. I’ve purchased a couple outfits and I also have a friend whom I’m paying to make a few things. Then I decided “what the hell?” and dove in and decided to dust off the sewing machine and do it myself. Keep in mind my sewing machince was handed down to me by my Great-Grandmother Daisy and is older than me. It’s a cool ’70s avocado green Kenmore. But I push forth and I’m in the midst of an outfit for my little Daisy. It’s actually not Disney though, it’s neon pink and green skulls. Not the best description, but they are cute, Daisy calls them “Hello Kitty Pirates” because she calls all skulls and skeletons pirates. Anyway, I’m working on it in a mildly obsessive way, as I’m prone to do and we’ll see how this goes. I’ve bought different Disney fabrics to work with next.

So I believe that’s a good update, I won’t slack off again; mainly because I fear various family members would come and force me to type :) I’ll leave you with a pic of my babies taken last Sunday.


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2 Responses to “Time for a post”

  1. J Says:
    July 11th, 2007 at 10:32 pm

    Just a few comments - none of which warranting their own paragraph so…
    1)I love the shades the girls have and am thinking they may be cute on my kiddo, where have you found yours?
    2)Am glad you have come back and finally blogged again, gives me something to read durnig a slow moment.
    3)Am sorry camps have yet to work for you, hope the next one goes better too.
    4)Dasiy is DAMN ADORABLE in the beach pic and that alone should make you wanna go back!
    5)And I am right there with you about not staying home alone at night. Been along time and when mine went to vegas for a night I stayed away from the hause til just near passing out and still stayed up til 2am!!! Though no snoring and big bed all to myself was sort of nice ;)
    5) See what happens when you go away for so long :) !!

  2. Aunt Kari Says:
    July 12th, 2007 at 7:53 am

    Thank you, thank you for writing again. I so look forward to your newsy chats and seeing the fun things you do with your girls.