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water time

By Tara Zandra | June 16, 2007

The girls and I finally went to the scrapbook store this morning. The did have the Girl Scout papers, but it was kind of disappointing. They aren’t really that pretty, they’re a little too busy, and they only had one sheet total of the design that actually says “Brownie Girl Scouts” on it. I kind of just picked up a variety of sheets and we’ll see what I do with them. They did have a Girl Scout album so that’s something to consider, though I didn’t look at the style (post bound, strap-hinge, 3-ring, etc.) nor the price so we’ll see. The store had the textured Lego paper so I grabbed that since I have Legoland pictures from March. Also, they were very helpful when I was looking for hot pink letter stickers. They didn’t have anything that would work but she brainstormed with me over various choices and help me find something that would work (I used their Quick Cutz). I’m pleased with the final result which is at the top of the recent layouts page.

I had promised the kids they could have water play this afternoon. So while they were eating lunch, I went outside and first inflated the sprinkler ring. Then I went to get the pool and when I came back, the ring was deflated. Lovely. So I worked on the pool which has 3 inflatable rings. The bottom one was leaking and the top got a lovely gash in it from me in my frustration with the hand pump (an electric pump is now on my shopping wish list). So off we went to Toys R Us where we found an inexpensive pool and sprinkler. The pool set up okay, but the sprinkler isn’t quite what I want. I set up the old sprinkler ring and even without air it works fine. So the mermaids have been outside for the last two hours. And for two hours I’ve been listening to them argue and I’m constantly stepping in to reprimand them. In fact I just issued the “if I have to talk to either one of you one more time you are both coming in the house” decree. Tabitha is in a bit of a non-sisterly funk this last week and is not into having patience with Daisy right now. It is wearing on my nerves. I don’t blame her, I just want them to both hush. Since I am less than enamored with them right now, I’m not even outside taking pics, they’ll have to wait until next time.

I do have a bit of a brag on Miss Tabitha though. Her musical theatre class had auditions for a solo part in their next song (”Ugh-a-Wug” from the Peter Pan musical) and Tabitha got one of the solos! She’s to be Peter Pan which is wonderful for her. She practiced her audition piece all week (something from “High School Musical” of course) and was nervous but confident that she could do her best. We’re very proud of her and she had joyous tears at the dinner table last night when she told me about it.

Man this day flew by, I can’t believe it’s almost six.

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2 Responses to “water time”

  1. Valerie Says:
    June 17th, 2007 at 9:42 am

    way to go Tabitha. That is a big accomplisment!

  2. J Says:
    June 17th, 2007 at 11:27 am

    Give Tabs a big CONGRATULATIONS from all of us on capturing a solo part in her musical!! That is fantastic!! :)