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monkey girl

By Tara Zandra | June 14, 2007

First let me link to my scrapbook page as all my recent layouts are up. I have one more completed layout save for the title because I need to get some stickers to make it work. Next up is more from Daisy’s birthday, pictures from two Pump-It Up parties Tabitha attended, and Brownies pictures. But I need a few more pics, a red-eye removal pen, and Girl Scout paper. We still haven’t gone to a scrapbook store to get any of that so hopefully this weekend, if I can fit in a trip.

Today, Daisy finally started gymnastics! I’ve been wanting to get her into a class forever but the timing just wasn’t working. We finally started exploring other options instead of just our first choice and found a gym that works perfectly for our schedule (personal to my sis: It’s the same one you went to). Daisy absolutely loved it! She swung, she jumped, she tumbled, she had a great time. When it was time to go she screamed that she wanted to stay. I know you aren’t supposed to smile at fits, but she rarely throws them and that showed me how much she enjoyed the class which is all I could hope for. Turns out I’ll need to get her a little leotard though, she was a bit out of place today.

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