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I need a weekend to recover from the weekend

By Tara Zandra | June 12, 2007

Fun weekend for us. I consider it starting Friday the minute Chris is off work. He and I watched the 2 hour finale to “Robin Hood.” I’m sad it’s over as we probably won’t get it again here until next March. It was a fun romp and I’ll miss it.

Saturday morning I made a nice big breakfast and then after everyone was ready we headed out to a company picnic at Chris’s work. They had a bounce house and inflatable obstacle course for the kids (and one for adults!), face painting, karaoke, games, food, balloons and a tour of the company warehouse. You might not think that was a big deal, but you haven’t seen this warehouse. It’s amazing. Chris doesn’t work in the warehouse so it was all new to him too. I liked a few areas where skylights were put in and underneath they grow plants to help with the air and just general feeling of the place. It looked nothing like the warehouses from Chris’s past, that’s for sure.

My bil showed up after we got done with the tour (to give you an idea of size, the tour of the warehouse took an hour) and played with the kids for awhile. We then played more of the stuff and got the kids’ faces painted and then headed out.

There was a letterbox at a nearby park we wanted to check out. My bil decided to come with us and we had a great time (minus the 5 minutes of Daisy screaming because Tabitha dropped her on her head on the concrete which scared me enough that I was in tears as well). There were supposed to be 3 boxes, but only 1 was actually still there. It didn’t matter though, it was so fun to follow the trail to find the boxes. There was an aviary, native american displays, and a sculpture garden. It was so neat and so much fun I’m glad we went.

Sunday morning we were off to Disneyland. There was a big media event for the re-opening of the submarines so quite a few “names” were in attendance. We saw Craig Fergusen, Rosanna and Patricia Arquette, Sean Astin and Laura Dern. My BIL met us there and after we left he also saw Lisa Kudrow, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and someone from Prison Break whose name I don’t recall. They were giving away passes to the media event but we were not so fortunate as to receive any. Ah-well. We’ll ride the attraction next time we’re there.

We took Daisy on the Matterhorn; she didn’t like it. To be honest I didn’t think she would but we thought we’d try since she’s tall enough. She asked to go on Gadget’s Coaster again so we rode and it felt faster to me this time and when we got off Daisy said she didn’t like it so we’ll see if she decides to go on it again in the future.

We made a stop on the way home about 2 miles from the house so I decided to walk home. Tabitha went with me as I thought she might. We had some good talks on the walk which is why I love her going with me.

Yesterday we did absolutely nothing since we’re potty training in ernest. After dinner I walked, though by myself this time, and then we got the kids into bed before watching a little tv.

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