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By Tara Zandra | May 25, 2007

Tabitha has a been a Try-It fiend lately. Since Sunday she has completed 4 and we’ll finish up another one tonight when we make an marionette. Her current project has nothing to do with Girl Scouts though. She is writing a Thomas the Train Engine book for Daisy. First she’s writing out the story on paper, then she wants to type in on the computer in Word leaving blanks at the top for pictures. But rather than drawing the pictures, she plans to set up our trains and take pics of them in various ways and insert the pictures into the Word document. Then we’ll print it out, perhaps have it bound and voila! a new book for Daisy. I must point out that this was 100% her idea. So far she’s on chapter 3.

Park Day this morning came with an unwelcome surprise. As we pulled up we saw roughly 30 school kids in the park. The park is attached to an elementary school, but it’s some distance away and not actually part of the school. While we sat in the car trying to figure out what to do, another class of 20 or so came walking over the hill to join in. A friend pulled up just then and went to talk to the teachers to find out when they were leaving, lol. We were told that each class in the school gets to book one park day from now until the end of the school year so it’s possbile we’ll run into this again in the next few weeks. I don’t want to be anywhere with that many kids running amok and hope we somehow never cross paths again. I must say, that’s a pretty crappy field trip. “Hey kids, instead of playing on *this* playground for recess, we’ll go play on *that* one. Woo-Hoo!” Our tax dollars at work.

Everyone did leave in roughly half an hour though so we had the park to ourselves again. The kids played all kind of stuff. They were either running around like maniacs, or gathered in a cluster setting up their grand make-believe game of the day. Today’s topic was the Magic Treehouse. When Daisy wasn’t chasing after everyone she was busy climbing up all the different curved ladder type things and getting stuck at the top and just quietly waiting for me to notice and come help her up the last two steps. She doesn’t call me, she just waits. So I cannot engross myself is a conversation for too long or she’s really stuck. And what good conversation today! We did a lot of talk of vegetarianism; my second favorite topic. Good times :)

Have I mentioned the child now calls me by name? Sometimes is “MamaMommyZandra” but more and more she’s just calling me Zandra. I’ve earned the name Mommy, darnit, now she won’t use it. She’s also very much into “but why?” for pretty much anything. She doesn’t repeat it ad nauseum at least, but she does tend to ask when there isn’t a good answer.

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