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This is what I do in my spare time

By Tara Zandra | May 21, 2007


And I had a good time doing it, lol. We have a Neverland play mat so I flipped it over to the blue side and placed it atop two kid tables pushed together to create the play space. Daisy really likes being able to walk around the track, but if I just use one kid table, there really isn’t enough room for a good layout so this was my solution. She’s down for her nap now, but I think she’ll really like it when she wakes up. Tabitha thought it was pretty neat. I’m supposed to be scrapbooking, but I couldn’t resist the lure of the trains :)

As always, we had a good weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever said otherwise. Even if we’re all sick, it’s still a good weekend because we’re all here. Saturday morning Chris took my car for an oil change and car wash. I really wanted nice clean windows so I could put on my stickers.


I bought those as a Mother’s Day gift to myself when we went to Disneyland last weekend. I’ve been wanting them for awhile and that day I finally decided to do it. Now my car is all Disney’d out. I have the family stickers, a license plate frame, an antenna topper (though I need a new one now because the car wash ate the pirate hat) and this:


which I bought in Disney World last September. Roll your eyes, say ‘dork’ under your breath, I don’t care. I love my Disney stuff :)

Oh, I should mention Friday. There was a Me and My Guy Sadie Hawkins Dance for Girl Scouts Friday night. They don’t call it a father/daughter dance any more due to not all kids have a dad around. So it’s Me and My Guy. Anyway, Tabitha and Chris wore matching Old Navy flag shirts and danced the night away, so to speak. She had a great time and came home tired and sweaty from all the dancing she did.

Back to Saturday. We went to my in-laws’ to have dinner with them and family friends that we usually only see at Christmas. They have a son just a year and a half younger than Tabitha and the two of them always have a great time together. Thankfully Daisy is old enough to play with their silly games as well. It was a lovely evening and I’m only sorry we had to leave to get Wee Miss home to bed.

Sunday we were on a mission to get me a new computer chair from Ikea. But first we stopped at a Hallmark and picked up a couple more Webkinz. These two will go in the Mom Store, much to Tabitha’s dismay. After that stop we were kind of hungry so we grabbed lunch at Carl’s Jr before getting to Ikea. We found a chair that I liked and headed home. I was kind of antsy and wanted to do something but I didn’t really want to go anywhere that I could think of. So we changed around the house. My craft table has been brought out to the dining room, which required Tabitha’s computer to be moved down the wall which meant two toy shelves had to be moved into the playroom where there was now an open space from my craft table coming out. But then we talked with Tabitha about her dollhouse and what would be the best placement for it to get played with more by her, not just Daisy. It was determined the floor was best as opposed to up on a table, but then we were losing the space under the table where we keep blocks and legos. So Chris and I discussed and thought about putting it in the girls’ bedroom. But of course, the slide is always in the way. This led to Chris taking the slide off Tabitha’s bed and drilling holes to attach the ladder to the bed. Now the room is really opened up. Daisy’s bed is moved to a different wall and the dollhouse is in there now and both girls promptly went to play with it. We finished up in the playroom and the dining room and then Chris finally put together my computer chair and it’s defective. Figures.

And that’s enough for this time.

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